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Our company

Here in C2 we have been operating in the field of used rubber machinery for over 40 years, with a stock covering over 5500 sqm and periodically updated, which includes more than 300 machinery structures available on-site, like two-roll mills, internal mixers, presses, extruders, calenders, cutting machines and cooling lines machinery of different sizes (for small and large productions), to satisfy the most varied types of our Customer needs in the rubber processing.

In the last 5 years, facing the growing demand of high-performance and high-innovation machinery, we have introduced a dedicated engineering design department and the serial production of new-construction machines, integrated with the most recent 4.0 industrial methodologies, adequate to perform in operational environments like clean rooms, laboratories or for small productions, for traditional compounds and high-quality special rubbers.

Our history

C2 was founded, not far from Vigevano, by two friends with passion for mechanics, Renato Colli and Franco Cantoni, who turned the family garage in a small mechanics laboratory, where they fully overhauled their first two-roll mill machine for rubber processing.


The first stock of used machinery, in a small warehouse of 400sqm, began, in Ozzero, near Milan and its exhibitions area, the right window for Italian and International Customers.


The Company built up its own headquarters in Vigevano, with a warehouse property of 1500 sqm wide, for the overhaul and trade of used machinery, needed for all the phases of the rubber and silicone processing and production.


The machines stock grew progressively, as well as the know-how and experience, that became, in the most recent years, the engine to introduce, in the variety of the offered services, also the new constructions of some specific machines for rubber processing.

Today C2 operates internationally, through its own engineering and trade, also through collaborations and partnerships in Europe and Worldwide.


About us

For years C2 has been supplying its customers with high quality service in the overhaul and modification of machinery in the rubber field and similar goods all over the world.
Reconditioned machinery are supplied together with warranty, EC certification and complete technical documentation.


C2 provides prompt customer support performed by qualified mechanics and electricians for repair and maintenance services as well as for proper installation and operating of machinery.


The experience gained so far in the rubber field allows the company to provide all the necessary information and excellent customer support needed by its customers.


The customer service and technical consultancy offered by C2 in the pre and post-sale phases of used and bargain machinery are its strong points, since the company provides high knowledge of all the application scenarios concerning the machinery used in rubber processing.

We offer

Engineering and Customization

We study solutions tailored on our Customer’s needs

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Design and Conformity
Support and Technical Assistance